About us

Tejas Cobert is the Spanish leader in the production and sale of roof tiles and roofing accessories
Tejas Cobert is the Spanish leader in the production and sale of roof tiles and roofing accessories

Tejas Cobert is the leading reference in the Iberian Peninsula for manufacturing and commercializing clay and concrete roof tiles, accessories and components for roofs. Roof tile business started in seventies with production of concrete roof tiles and it was complemented from 1985 with production of clay tile and cooperation agreements with British manufacturer Redland. After acquisition of Céramica Collado and its maximal quality clay tiles, Cobert Roof tiles is consolidated as a reference in its sector. This leading position has increased after de adquisition of Tejas Cobert by Braas Monier Building Group, the leading group on manufacturing and distribution of roof tiles and components.

Every year Tejas Cobert has been increasing its presence on rooftops, not only of the Iberian Peninsula, but also on the roofs of the other countries of the five continents. Cobert currently produces and sells ceramic tiles, concrete tiles, accessories and roofing components, developing their production activity in seven factories in Spain and Portugal.

Tejas COBERT has a powerful industrial infrastructure, with 7 factories in the Iberian Peninsula equipped with a state-of-the-art technology, and the most demanding quality controls.Our roof tiles are produced from a selection of mineral raw materials present in nature that are fully recyclable. At COBERT we are known for our striving towards ongoing industrial improvement, together with continuous progress of the technology involved.

Our 4 clay roof tiles factories has high standard technology processes, among which the H-cassette manufacturing process is remarkable. It involves individual ceramic supports that keeps each roof tile isolated from the others throughout the entire process. This allows increasing kiln temperature over 1000 ºC preventing tiles from melting together while making possible to develop complex finishes.

The use of this H-cassette supports confers singular characteristics to the tiles such as:

  • Geometric accuracy
  • Increased mechanical resistance
  • Reduced water absorption
  • Total flatness
  • Free of warps

In addition, the use of plaster moulds in the manufacturing process gives our tiles a perfect interlocking and coupling system, which facilitates its assembly. This system, combined with the H-cassette, provide our roof tiles a high-end finishing and impeccable aesthetics, which has been recognized by the most demanding international standards and certifications.

Tejas Cobert implemented a process of improvement and constant innovation to offer a unique product of the highest quality and guarantee for the best standard roofs on the international market.

Tejas Cobert is firmly committed to export. That’s why in last years, the sales outside Spain have grown exponentially. We currently sell our tiles in more than 50 countries on five continents and we have a large team of people fully engaged in export.

Tejas Cobert regularly participates in major international fairs of construction materials. During last months we have presented our tiles in Batimat (Paris), Big Five Show (Dubai), Batimatec (Algeria), The Night of the Constructor (Aruba and Curacao), EU Gateway (Japan), etc.

Finally, Tejas Cobert supports its international customers with conducting training activities in its facilities, such as those carried out recently in Morocco, France and Curacao.