Clay curved roof tile Clay Canal Collado 50 x 21Garantía 10 años

Features Clay Canal Collado 50 x 21

The curved roof tile Collado 50 x 21 has the support conferred over 100 years in the market. Made with the best clays in Spain according to the experts. This curved tile of wide format available in both red color as the innovative cadaques color.It is an easy to install tile Arabic on the cover due to the possibility of overlap between differents sizes of pieces. Also, having differents widths between the two mouths facilitites the assembly of canals and covers in the roof.






Technical Specifications

TypeInstallation Dimensions overall (cm)Weight per unit (kg)Number of roof tiles per m2Weight per m2 (kg)Gauge (cm)Cover width (cm)Battens(ml/m2)
Curved  500x211x147 mm 2,50 Kg 19 47,5    
Units per PalletWeight per pallet (kg)RegulationImpermeability CategoryFrostTransverse breaking strengthFire resistance
234  595  UNE EN 1304 1 UNE EN 539-1 150 cycles UNE EN 539-2 method E >=1000 N UNE EN 538 Class A1 UNE EN 13501-1 

Logistics Data

Height Units x Pallet Dimension AxBxC / mm Weight  aprox.(kg.)
1 height 234 590 x 1080 x 910 595

Special pieces Clay Canal Collado 50 x 21

To view the detail of the pieces, hover your mouse over them.

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