Clay flat roof tile Marselha Collado

Features Marselha Collado

The mixed roof tile Marsella Collado of Tejas Cobert is perfect for the realization of rehabilitation and preservation of historic buildings. The installation of this model of mixed tile on the roof of a newly built housing endows this a traditional classic look. This tile has in its design with lateral guides for quick and easy mounting on the cover. The Marsella Collado Roof Tile also offers up to 4 cm of assembly kit. This roof tile brings constructive values of the past with the technological demands of the present




Technical Specifications

TypeInstallation Dimensions overall (cm)Weight per unit (kg)Number of roof tiles per m2Weight per m2 (kg)Gauge (cm)Cover width (cm)Battens(ml/m2)
Flat, double lap Broken bond 432 mm x 263 mm 3,4 kg 12,5 42,5 kg 33-37 cm 22.2 207 
Units per PalletWeight per pallet (kg)RegulationImpermeability CategoryFrostTransverse breaking strengthFire resistance
210 710 UNE-EN 1304  1 UNE-EN 539-1 150 cycles UNE-EN 539-2 método E >=900N UNE-EN 538 class A1 UNE-EN 13501-1 

Minimum Pitch of Use

Situation Gable lenth up to 6,5m Gable lenth from 6,5m  to 9,5m Gable lenth from 9,5m to 12 m
Protected 35% 40% 50%
Normal 40% 50% 60%
Exposed 60% 70% 80%


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