Coinciding with the presence of Tejas Cobert at The Big 5 show in Dubai in the month of November,, A digital website has published an interview with Mateo Perez , Area Export Manager of Roof Tiles Cobert:

QUESTION: How do you evaluate your participation at The Big 5 in terms of visitors and quality of them ?

ANSWER: There are more visitors than the previous year and quality since not only come from Dubai, but other countries in the Middle East.

Q: What products are attracting more attention from visitors?

A: Logica and Klinker models. These roof tiles offer a different value proposition over the rest of the competitors from Italy, Turkey , Greece or even Spain also

Q: Could we say that the construction materials in the UAE are poor and the visitors the Big5 are looking for better quality in the Spanish products?

A: What we are seeing in this show is that we are getting many inquiries from the high ranges , high quality , since the price at the end of the roof in the total construction cost is not very high .

Q: Is the fair useful to close contacts and even projects or businesses ?

A: Normally we don´t close projects at fairs. At the fairs we establish first contacts or reinforce already initiated contacts . They are steps in this style . For countries that do not have distribution comes in handy. As I say, the show begins next week . All the contacts you've been working the gridding start next week and over the months it looks if you have had more or less objective results.

Q: Are you considering to open a commercial office in this area ?

A: No, never . We seek distributors to work with us not in specific operations , but a continuous , stable and forming in our company and our products , and , on the other hand , they are as a company our extension to the end customer .

Q : It's not the first time you come to this fair

A: No, the first time I came was in 2006 and other companions were already before. Roof Tiles Cobert has been here since 13 or 14 years ago

The following link may access the full interview :