New Roof Tile Marsella Collado


After the successful market launch of the mixed ceramic tile Delta, Tejas Cobert continues to focus on innovation this year.

Cobert (Uralita) market leader in the production of ceramic tiles and concrete tiles, introduced in early 2014 the new model of mixed tile Cobert Delta, thus expanding its portfolio of ceramic tiles, which together with the logica, klinker,  concrete, curved and its components for installation in dry roof, make Tejas Cobert a referent of building materials to the roof on the Iberian Peninsula.

Today, Tejas Cobert  introduces to the market an alternative to the Alicantina classic profile, the new tile Marsella Collado, with superb performance and superior performance to similar tiles in design work. Done in the factory of Toledo (Spain), the Marsella Collado roof tile is launched in red, with all the accessories necessary for proper installation of the roof.

It is a tile with dimensions of 43.2 x 26.3 cm and weighs 3.4 kg. One of its main features is variable longitudinal overlap, allowing a mounting kit on the roof of +4 cm, and its performance in work of 12 to 13.5 uds./m2.

The  roof tile Marsella Collado is designed with reinforced areas that make it the most robust in its class. It is likewise made ​​with the latest technical advances that improve its resistance to frost, facilitates the removal of water, posing in his pre-format deep holes that allow direct tile nailed to battens.

An ideal tile for installation under tile on cement slabs reinforced bituminized.

Marseille Collado, developments in the world of roof.

A material with 35 year warranty and Tejas Cobert experience.