Quality policy and enviromental protection

Tejas Cobert is the Spanish leader in the production and sale of roof tiles and roofing accessories
Tejas Cobert is the Spanish leader in the production and sale of roof tiles and roofing accessories

The Cobert company’s commitment for the quality and excellence in its production process has resulted in securing numerous certificates for their tiles, both ceramic tiles and concrete tiles..

Our tiles are guaranteed for a period of time, starting from the manufacture date, against breakage, cracking or flaking caused exclusively by frost, as long as this is solely due to manufacturing defects. The granted guarantee is limited to the replacement of the defective tiles which are supplied free ex works, and therefore will not cover the costs of removing the defective tiles or transporting and installation of the replacement tiles, nor any other indirect damage that may have occurred.

It is understood that this guarantee will only apply if the supplied tiles are installed in accordance with our Tile Lying Manuals and the regulations in force in the place of installation and, in particular, the roof where the tiles are laid are sufficiently ventilated, and said the roof is correctly sloped. The guarantee will only apply after full payment for the supplied tiles and following due inspection of the alleged defects by our personnel. Furthermore, in order for the guarantee to be valid, the client must be in possession of the corresponding commercial guarantee certificate duly stamped by the Tejas Cobert company.

The guarantee provided is a commercial guarantee and therefore separate and unrelated to the guarantees provided by the legal regulations in force.

The Cobert guarantee depends on the product range and the technology used in its manufacture:

  • 50 years for Lógica and Klinker ranges
  • 35 years for Mixed and Concrete ranges
  • 10 years for Curves ranges

Tejas Cobert commitment for the environmental protection makes our products contribute to energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions, which are motivated by increased regulation in this field.

We highlight the different ways that can lead Tejas Cobert towards excellence in the field of environmental sustainability. Among others we can mention:

  • Industrial processes with reuse of water consumed in the manufacturing process.
  • We recover inert remains coming from our choice of tiles, reincorporating them again to new production processes using mills crush and recycle the raw material.
  • Responsible selection of raw materials.
  • Use organic mold release oils in the manufacturing of our tiles.
  • Repair and reuse of a high percentage of wooden pallets used to pack our products is also remarkable.

All these processes oriented Tejas Cobert to advance in parallel with the demanding international environmental protection protocols.